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Camping car


Nano Carapace®, an expert in nanotechnology for more than 10 years offers products and accessories for vehicle maintenance. Leave with peace of mind with ceramic camping car treatment. Ask for an appointment

High-end protection for your campervan

Composed of silica nanoparticles, the ceramic camping car treatment forms a durable shield against external aggressions: water, dust, sun, heat, cold, etc. Applied to all surfaces of your recreational vehicle, it facilitates maintenance and cleaning for a holiday in complete serenity.

Ceramic body processing

Anti-scratches, the nano-coating offers shine and protection to the body of your campervan. It preserves the paint from the yellowing effect of UV rays.

Leather ceramic treatment and fabrics

With a waterproof and stain-proof effect,the ceramic treatment protects leather or fabric seats inside motorhomes.

Rims and tires
Ceramic processing rims

Ceramic protection increases the life of rims and tires thanks to its non-stick effect against tar particles.

Plastic ceramic treatment

The ceramic coating provides a glossy finish on the plastics inside your vehicle. Its anti-static effect facilitates surface maintenance.

Ceramic windshield treatment

On the windshield and windows, the nano-protection deposits a hydrophobic film that repels water by lotus effect for better visibility.

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Products and accessories for ceramic camping car treatment

The Nano Carapace® range for camping cars

Car detailing specialist, Nano Carapace® offers a complete selection of products and accessories for the maintenance of all vehicles: car, motorbike, motorhome, bicycles, etc. In kit or retail, this range offers many advantages: competitive prices, guaranteed composition without wax or silicone, varnish etc. . and secure delivery.

Camping car cleaner

Nano Wash and Pearl’s nano-ceramic pre-wash and wash product effectively cleans your camper’s body while avoiding the formation of micro-scratches on paint.

Polish camping car

Essential for body renovation, polish and correction products erase scratches and revive the shine of the paint thanks to their abrasive effect.

Ceramic camping car protection

An essential finishing step, the ceramic camping car treatment provides protection and long-lasting shine on the exterior and interior surfaces of the vehicle: bodywork, rims, windshields, windows, etc.

Cleaning products and ceramic camping car protection
Exclusive Nano Carapace® products
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Are you wondering about cleaning or renovating your campervan? Follow our advice.

  • How to wash your campervan?

    Choose a manual self-washing rather than automatic rollers, which can cause micro-scratches on the vehicle's paint. Use suitable cleaning products and accessories.
  • Why is ceramic treatment more effective than wax?

    The best nanotechnology protection on the market today, our ceramic treatment is chemically linked to treated surfaces. This gives it a longer lifespan than wax or silicone-based coatings.
  • How do you renovate your campervan?

    After washing the vehicle, apply a polish for scratch correction and body gloss, then ceramic protection for a long-lasting shine of paint.