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Camping car


Nano Carapace®, an expert in nanotechnology for more than 10 years offers products and accessories for vehicle maintenance. Leave with peace of mind with ceramic camping car treatment. Ask for an appointment

High-end protection for your campervan

Composed of silica nanoparticles, the ceramic camping car treatment forms a durable shield against external aggressions: water, dust, sun, heat, cold, etc. Applied to all surfaces of your recreational vehicle, it facilitates maintenance and cleaning for a holiday in complete serenity.

Ceramic body processing

Anti-scratches, the nano-coating offers shine and protection to the body of your campervan. It preserves the paint from the yellowing effect of UV rays.

Leather ceramic treatment and fabrics

With a waterproof and stain-proof effect,the ceramic treatment protects leather or fabric seats inside motorhomes.

Rims and tires
Ceramic processing rims

Ceramic protection increases the life of rims and tires thanks to its non-stick effect against tar particles.

Plastic ceramic treatment

The ceramic coating provides a glossy finish on the plastics inside your vehicle. Its anti-static effect facilitates surface maintenance.

Ceramic windshield treatment

On the windshield and windows, the nano-protection deposits a hydrophobic film that repels water by lotus effect for better visibility.

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Products and accessories for ceramic camping car treatment

The Nano Carapace® range for camping cars

Car detailing specialist, Nano Carapace® offers a complete selection of products and accessories for the maintenance of all vehicles: car, motorbike, motorhome, bicycles, etc. In kit or retail, this range offers many advantages: competitive prices, guaranteed composition without wax or silicone, varnish etc. . and secure delivery.

Inclus dans toutes les offres :
- Mise à disposition gratuite d’un véhicule de prêt

Condition tarifaire :
Le prix indiqué correspond au prix de départ d'un véhicule de petite taille (type Fiat 500), dont l'etat d'usure de la carrosserie est proportionnel à son kilométrage et son age. Le prix définitif pour la prestation se fera uniquement sur devis et présentation du véhicule afin de donner un prix juste par rapport à son état.

Cleaning products and ceramic camping car protection
Exclusive Nano Carapace® products
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Are you wondering about cleaning or renovating your campervan? Follow our advice.

  • How to wash your campervan?

    Choose a manual self-washing rather than automatic rollers, which can cause micro-scratches on the vehicle's paint. Use suitable cleaning products and accessories.
  • Why is ceramic treatment more effective than wax?

    The best nanotechnology protection on the market today, our ceramic treatment is chemically linked to treated surfaces. This gives it a longer lifespan than wax or silicone-based coatings.
  • How do you renovate your campervan?

    After washing the vehicle, apply a polish for scratch correction and body gloss, then ceramic protection for a long-lasting shine of paint.