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Boat owner or water sports enthusiast? Extend the life of your equipment with the boat ceramic processing and Nano Carapace® line of cleaning products. Ask for an appointment

Nano Carapace products that you can use on your boat

The benefits of Nano Carapace ceramic protection®

Very easy to apply, the ceramic boat treatment creates by drying a solid film that protects the surfaces from external aggressions. Consisting of silica nanoparticles chemically linked to the treated surface, this durable coating has a brightness and resistance superior to the finishing wax.


Tested and certified 9H, the ceramic protection offers a long-lasting resistance against scratches and abrasion.

UV protection

Theanti-UV action of the ceramic boat treatment protects sun-exposed surfaces (painting, plastic, leather) from discoloration.


Thanks to its hydrophobic effect,the ceramic coating prevents water and dirt from adhering to surfaces.

Absolute brilliance

The ceramic protection provides an intense shine that restores the paint or gelcoat to the radiance of the new.


The nanotechnology coating provides protection against corrosion caused by seawater and salt.

Respectful of the environment

In accordance with REACH regulations on chemicals, ceramic boat treatment combines efficiency and respect for the environment.

The ultimate protection for all your nautical equipment

The Nano Carapace® boat ceramic treatment is suitable for all types of boats (yacht, sailboat, speedboat), motorized water vehicles (jet-ski, sea scooter) as well as windsurfing,surfing and kite-surfing. It protects all surfaces: hull, deck, windows, seats, basting, etc.

Ceramic yacht treatment

Owner of a yacht? Give your ship luxurious brilliance and unfazed resistance with ceramic coating.

sailing ship
Sailboat ceramic treatment

The application of ceramic boat treatment preserves the underwater and outdoor surfaces of your racing or pleasure boat.

Race boat, speedboat
Ceramic racing boat treatment

Silica particles have a protective effect on the hull and the various elements of off-board or speedboat-type motorboats.

Jet ski
Ceramic jet ski treatment

Amateur of jet-skirides, sea scooters or sea bikes? Make it easy to maintain your recreational boating vehicle with ceramic protection.

Surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing
Ceramic windsurfing treatment

Water sports enthusiast? Protect your windsurfing, surfing or kite-surfing from scratches with nano-ceramic boat treatment.

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Exclusive Nano Carapace® products

Cleaning and processing ceramic boat

Expert in nanotechnology, Nano Carapace® offers a complete range for the maintenance and cleaning of boats and boating equipment. Our products are of high quality and guarantee you optimal efficiency in compliance with environmental standards.

Boat hull

The Nano Wash and Pearl ceramic shampoo ensures a gentle wash of your boat’s hull. Non-corrosive, it does not damage paint or gelcoat.

Ceramic treatment

The ceramic boat treatment forms a protective film against scratches and corrosion of salt water. It prevents algae and moss from adhering to the hull.

Glass protection

Hydrophobic and waterproof, glass protection has an anti-fog action that improves visibility by 60% and makes it easier to clean glass surfaces: windows, windshields, etc.

Wood protection

Wood protection insulates the ship’s deck and teak woodwork from the harmful action of water and UV, for an ultra-long-lasting shiny effect.

Leather and upholstery protection

Thanks to its hydrophobic effect, leather and upholstery protection protects your seats and benches from cracking, staining and fading.

Metal, chrome and stainless steel protection

Metal, chrome and stainless steel protection improves the corrosion resistance by salt water of all metal elements of your ship: basting, railing, ladder, anchor, etc.


A boating professional or a private boater, do you own one or more boats? The maintenance of your ship is essential to extend its life and sail safely. Follow the tips and tricks of our detailing experts to take care of your property.

  • What products to clean your boat?

    The use of a degreasing product ensures a thorough washing of the hull. For the interior of the boat, opt for a multi-surface cleaner or specific products.
  • How do you maintain the hull of your boat?

    Clean the hull regularly to remove the foam. The polishing with a polish product and the application of a ceramic coating allow to renovate the gelcoat.
  • How do you protect the hull of your boat from scratches and corrosion?

    The 9H ceramic protection kit forms an extremely hard and durable invisible film on the hull that provides a dual anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive action.