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Are you a craftsman, a truck driver or a road transport company manager? Take care of your work tool with the Nano Carapace® ceramic truck processing. Ask for an appointment

The best protection for your truck

The result of more than 10 years of work and expertise in nanotechnology, the Nano Carapace truck ceramic treatment® forms a long-lasting protective film,both inside and outside the vehicle. It offers you the guarantee of an aesthetic result and easy maintenance.

Ceramic body processing

The ceramic coating protects the paint from the body of the truck from external aggression. Totally invisible, it does not hide the covering of vehicles.

Leather ceramic treatment and fabrics

Inside vehicles, the ceramic truck treatment takes care of the fabrics or leathers that cover the seats and facilitates their maintenance.

Rims and tires
Ceramic processing rims

The application of a ceramic truck protection on the surface of the rims extends their life and prevents the adhesion of contaminants: tar, metal, etc.

Plastic ceramic treatment

The ceramic treatment also protects plastics inside the cab of your truck. Anti-static, it facilitates maintenance and cleaning.

Ceramic windshield treatment

Ceramic protection creates a hydrophobic film on the windshield surface, which improves visibility by 60% for safety at the wheel.

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Cleaning, polishing and ceramic truck processing

The exclusive Nano Carapace truck range®

Nano Carapace®, is a complete range of products for the maintenance, cleaning, polishing and renovation of your truck. They offer you the guarantee of a professional result, at competitive rates for excellent value for money.

Truck Cleaner

Nano Wash and Pearl ceramic shampoo effectively cleans your vehicle’s body without damaging the paint. Its action can be supplemented by a decontamination product.

Polish truck

As part of a renovation, the patch and polishing products remove scratches and defects on the surface of the body in preparation for the ceramic truck treatment.

Ceramic truck protection

Guaranteed 5 years after application, ceramic protection creates an aesthetic and resistant film,regardless of the type of surface treated: bodywork, rims, windows, plastics, fabrics or leathers.

Cleaning products and ceramic truck protection
Exclusive Nano Carapace® products
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Want information about cleaning or renovating your vehicle? For more information, you can consult our tips and tricks of the experts, or contact us.

  • How do you wash your truck without damaging the cover?

    Avoid washing rollers that can damage paint or body covering. Prefer a hand-cleaning or karcher, with tailored detailing products.
  • How to choose a professional ceramic treatment?

    Unlike wax, another type of automotive aesthetic treatment, ceramic protection is chemically linked to the treated surface which offers greater efficiency over time.
  • How can you protect your work vehicle for the long term?

    After washing and decontaminating the body, finish with the application of a ceramic treatment for long-term protection.