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Rim and Tire Cleaner
Rim and tire cleaners make it easy to remove metal particles, tar, dust from brake pads that have been bonded. The cleaning is simple: a spray on the soiling of the rim or tire is enough for the cleaner to work. It will then suffice to pass a brush, rinse the rim and tire, and wipe with a microfiber cloth clean. The rim and tire will look like new again and all their shine. The next step is to apply a protective ceramic product to prolong the shine effect and delay wear.
How does the rim cleaner work?
Cleaning with the iron rim decontaminant cleaner spray removes most dirt effortlessly. The product is a ferrous decontaminant, which cleans dirt and iron particles embedded on rims.

It is used by spraying with the included spray, on rim cold. A brush or a brush will help to apply it in inaccessible parts. It acts alone, for a few minutes (5 to 10 minutes maximum). Then simply rinse the rim well with a high-pressure jet.

When the dirt, brake dust remains, that residues appear after rinsing, repeat the operation. This product cleaner for rims in spray is indicated for aluminum rims (does not deteriorate chrome rims).
The next step: the ceramic protection
For an ideal preparation of your rims, we advise you to clean them with our iron decontaminant, RIMS FERIOUS. Then proceed to a correction step if necessary. Once the rim is completely clean, free of micro scratches and dry, you can apply the Rims Protect ceramic rim protection treatment. Once applied, it protects aluminum or painted rims for 35,000 km.

No particles will be able to stick to the rim: brake pad dust, grease, road film, tar. A simple rinse with water will be enough to clean the dirt stuck on the surface. The nano ceramic protection Nano Carapace is hydrophobic, anti-adhesive and water repellent.