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Car interior cleaners
Cleaning products make it easy to clean the dashboard, carpets, windows, and seats. These are different kinds of materials that can cause problems. To clean them, Nano Carapace© offers several solutions:

A versatile car interior cleaner ( ECO CITRUS multipurpose product).
A range of cleaning products specific to each material.

These products are harmless, they do not attack the materials, and restore the new condition, the shine, the gloss, the satin, leaving a pleasant smell.
Specific car interior cleaners
Nano Carapace© offers powerful cleaning products adapted to each material. They are less aggressive than white vinegar or baking soda. Each formulation guarantees perfect cleaning, without streaks or soiling. It restores the original matte finish of leather, fabric, and the satin finish of plastics in the cockpit. Among the cleaningNano Carapace© products are:

The leather cleaner (it is suitable for leatherette).
The plastics cleaner (it is suitable for door panels, dashboard, trim, light gloss look).
The fabric cleaner (to be sprayed on, then cleaned with a soft brush).

These interior cleaners prepare surfaces to receive the ceramic protection treatment developed by Nano Carapace©: the leather ceramic treatment, and the fabric ceramic treatment.
The multi-purpose car interior cleaner
Using amultipurpose cleaner is another solution. The multipurpose ECO CITRUS from Nano Carapace© makes it easy to remove stains, dirt, dust. It penetrates materials and removes dirt and bad odors.

Beforehand, surfaces should be vacuumed to remove dust.After spraying the product, it is applied with a sponge, brush, regardless of the materials (fabrics, plastics, glass). After a few minutes, it simply wipes off with a microfiber cloth.

This multi-purpose cleaner is suitable for interior and exterior, on rims, door panels, interior plastics.