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Nanotechnology expert, Nano Carapace® offers its glass ceramic treatment for long-lasting protection and easy maintenance of all your glass surfaces or glass solar panels. ASK FOR AN APPOINTMENT

Nano Carapace® products that you can use on Glass Surface

The benefits of Nano Carapace® ceramic protection

Consisting of nanoparticles and very simple to apply, ceramic processing is available in liquid form. By drying, the product hardens and forms an invisible protective varnish that brings shine and resistance to glass surfaces. It avoids scratches and makes it easier to clean windows and solar panels.


Certified 9H, the ceramic glass treatment offers an ultra long-lasting resistance and a hardness equivalent to that of tempered glass.


The anti-fog effect of ceramic glass protection film improves visibility in rainy weather by up to 60%.


The ceramic glass treatment repels water by hydrophobic effect: raindrops slide without leaving a trace.

Absolute brilliance

The application of ceramic protection makes the surface ultra smooth and exceptionally shiny,for a true mirror effect.

Lotus effect

The nanoparticles create a lotus effect that prevents water from adhering and ensures rapid drying of glass surfaces.

Easy maintenance

Deposing and hydrophobic, ceramic treatment prevents the adhesion of dirt which facilitates the maintenance of glass surfaces.

An invisible protective film for all your glass surfaces

Ceramic treatment is commonly used to protect the windows and windshield of a vehicle as part of automotive detailing. Its use also extends to all types of glass surfaces: store or presentation windows, glass facades, verandas and even solar panels.

Store window
Ceramic window treatment

Ceramic protection limits the formation of micro-scratches and traces of rainwater or fingers on storefronts.

Glass facade
Ceramic treatment glass facade

The hydrophobic effect of ceramic glass treatment makes it easier to clean glass doors, windows and facades in apartment buildings or offices.

solar panel
Ceramic solar panel treatment

Ceramic protection avoids micro-scratches, dirt and rainwater that can damage photovoltaic or thermal glass solar panels.

Ceramic veranda treatment

Thanks to theanti-fog and anti-salt effect of the ceramic glass treatment, take full advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows on your veranda or loggia.

Showcase and display
Ceramic window and display treatment

Totally invisible and transparent,the ceramic glass protection film reinforces the glass of the display cases without masking the products on display inside.

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The Nano Carapace® products range for glass

Our selection of cleaning and protective products for glass surfaces

Nano Carapace® offers a complete range for the cleaning and ceramic treatment of glass surfaces: store or presentation windows, windows of buildings or verandas, solar panels, etc. The use of these professional products ensures a quality and sustainable result.

Window cleaner

Made from ceramics, the glass cleaner has a hydrophobic effect that makes the surface waterproof for long-lasting cleanliness inside and out.

Ceramic glass treatment

The ceramic glass treatment forms a hydrophobic protective film on glass surfaces. Completely invisible and anti-fog, it facilitates the maintenance and washing of glass surfaces.

Ceramic sunscreen protection

Applied on photovoltaic or thermal solar panels,ceramic protection (also called “glass coating”) improves the resistance of sensors to external aggressions: dust, rain, hail, snow, etc.


The floor-to-ceiling windows and window tiles are fragile and difficult to maintain. Traces, scratches, rain, fog... reduce brightness and visibility. These hazards also reduce the efficiency of your solar panels. Here are the opinions of our experts for cleaning and protecting a glass surface.

  • What products to clean windows without traces?

    Spray a specific glass cleaner, then wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth or raclette. To keep your windows clean longer and make washing easier, opt for a ceramic glass treatment.
  • How do you protect a glass surface from scratches?

    After careful washing, place the ceramic glass treatment with an applicator pad. Wait a few minutes and then wipe with a microfiber until you get a perfectly smooth surface. Allow to dry for 2 hours, avoiding contact with water. Applying a second layer is recommended for optimal protection.
  • How do I clean and protect solar panels?

    Dirt and wear affect the operation of your solar panels. To clean them, spray demineralized water on the glass and then remove dirt with a microfiber cloth, a raclette or a telescopic brush. For ultra-long protection, then apply a ceramic glass protection.