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Body Grease - Tar Remover

Body Grease – Tar Remover



  • Effective
  • fast
  • pH neutral

Nano Carapace® TAR REMOVER is a drip that removes tar and resin from the body and rims of your car.


Nano Carapace® TAR REMOVER is an efficient and fast tar solvent,based on aromatic essence. It easily dissolves resin or tar deposits on the body and your rims.

Dissolves resin and groudon easily

Thanks to its neutral pH, painted surfaces and metals are not attacked by our drip. Spray on a dry surface because the product works best on a non-wet surface.

Can also be used on undadal rims, without lack of varnish or paint.

Do not use with a clay, nor allow Nano Carapace® TAR REMOVER to dry in the sun. Rinse thoroughly.

How to use : Body Grease – Tar Remover

  • Spray the product on the body or rims (cold surface)
  • Leave on for 3-4 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly with water
  • Repeat if necessary on highly contaminated rims or bodywork.

For a perfect body, remove ferrous blackheads with our cleanser: RIMS FERIOUS

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Body Grease - Tar Remover

Body Grease – Tar Remover