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Bodywork decontamination products
Pre washand wash remove 50% of contaminants from bodywork, rim, glass, plastics. These contaminants are limestone particles, resin, droppings, tar, but also road film, oxidation, ferrous particles. Two methods after these washings exist to get rid of car contaminants :

Use a clay bar (Clay bar) and a lubricant.
Use cleaning specific, non-aggressive products after shampooing.

Decontamination is a phase of renovation of the bodywork that prevents deterioration of the paint and removes impurities on the varnish to avoid rust spots for example, it is an essential step before polishing or glossing of the bodywork. Thanks to the various polishes used, the bodywork will regain its shine. It is also a preparation step for bodywork before the application of a nano ceramic coating.
What are the products for decontamination of car bodies?
Nano Carapace© offers specific cleaners that avoid scratches that can appear during a poorly performed decontamination.Indeed, the clay gum or bar can leave traces of cleaning. In addition, it does not remove ferrous particles and tar.Each cleaner dissolves organic and inorganic materials, which come off when rinsed effortlessly :

Bodywash Remover (dissolves deposits without scrubbing).
Body Degreaser (it removes silicones, oils and waxes).
Bodywork Mosquito Remover (it easily removes mosquitoes, on bodywork, windshield, windows and plastics).

These products remove 95% of contaminants. The installation of nano ceramic treatment Nano Carapace 9 H is then possible. Beforehand, pass the bodywork with 99% pure isopropanol to facilitate the adhesion of the ceramic protection.
When to decontaminate the bodywork.
Decontamination is a self-cleaning that is performed once or twice a year, depending on how often the car is used. There are two ways to tell if the car needs to be decontaminated:

The touch: if, when passing the finger, the surface is rough, it is the signal.
The sight: the dull appearance after washing is another signal for decontamination.

Decontaminants are applied to a cold surface, at room temperature, in the shade, by spray. They are cleaned immediately or after a few minutes (depending on the product), with a microfiber clean cloth. Rinse them with clean water, using a glove, or a high pressure cleaner.