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Ceramic treatment maintenance kit

Ceramic treatment maintenance kit

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  • Clean efficiently without a trace
  • Accentuate the effect of treatment
  • Extending its lifespan
  • Making the surface even more resistant

To maintain your Nano Carapace ceramic treatment, the ideal combo is the NANO WASH and PEARL shampoo – NANO QUICK DETAILER.


Nano WASH and PEARL shampoo cleans your Nano Carapace treated vehicle gently. Non-aggressive, it will effectively remove all dirt and leave your surface shiny and waterproof.

Your surface no longer has a contaminant that can scratch the surface. By applying NANO QUICK DETAILER,your vehicle will be completely clean and clean while leaving an extra protective layer: more shine, more hydrophobic, more protection.

How to use : Ceramic treatment maintenance kit


In order to avoid the appearance of micro scratches, it is recommended to clean your vehicle with 2 buckets.

  • VERSER 40 to 80 ml of Nano Wash and Pearl ceramic shampoo in a bucket with 8 litres of water: LAVAGE WATER
  • FILL a second bucket only of clear water: SEAU OF RINAGE
  • LAVER your vehicle using a wash glove
  • NETTOYER and RINSE your glove in the rinse bucket regularly.
  • RINSE the entire vehicle with clear water.

Can be used with a Foam Lance: Dilute 20 to 50 ml of NANO WASH – PEARL shampoo in 1 litre of water


  • VAPORISER the Nano Quick Detailer on the surface
  • APPLY on the body using the microfiber provided until the product is no longer visible
  • WAIT 2-3 minutes
  • APPLY the product again
  • LUSTRER the surface until it is dry and shiny
  • REPEAT the operation, if the water-tight effect seems insufficient to you

If your vehicle is dirty enough, it is recommended to:
WEILLER then SÉCHER surfaces before application

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Ceramic treatment maintenance kit

Ceramic treatment maintenance kit