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Ceramics treatment 9H PRO (Copie)

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Nano Carapace is also a selection of products suitable for your new or used vehicles

Why choose Nano Carapace?

Nano Carapace® nanotechnology creates a permanent and lasting bond that protects the surface by binding to matter to make it more resistant to scratches and daily aggressions.

Total impermeability
Inspired by nature, our Nano Carapace® anti-scratch coating creates a lotus effect, totally waterproof.
Absolute resistance
While respecting the environment, our ceramic treatment acts like armor. It protects the paint from scratches and external aggressions.
Unrivalled brilliance
NanoCarapace®'s exclusive technology offers incredible brilliance. The color of the paint increases in depth thanks to its mirror effect.
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With more than 10 years of experience, Nano Carapace® offers individuals and professionals efficient products that respect the environment. Our technology allows your body to be more resistant while making it easier to maintain
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New Vehicle Ceramics Protection Kit
A ceramic protection kit that will simply protect your new car.