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Car wash and pre-wash
A quality car wash should not be corrosive. For this, Nano Caracace© offers its shampoo for washes and prewashes Nano Wash & Pearl. It functions to:

Clean the bodywork.
<Protect it from aggression.
To give it back the brilliance of new condition.
Avoid the frequent shining .

The washings are very useful, a car undergoes daily aggression that gradually deteriorate the varnish. To delay the tarnishing, the only solution is to wash regularly the bodywork.
Use a car wash and pre-wash product is productive.
Using rolls or a high-pressure center auto wash for washes presents risks. The products are acidic and attack varnish, seals, chrome and plastics. The rolls produce micro-scratches.

The safest way to wash without risk is wash by hand. For this, pre-washing is essential. In thick foam, with the right dosage of Nano Wash & Pearl Nano Carapace© shampoo, applied to the glove, the product clings to the bodywork.

It works by softening the dirt while falling back and is also applied with a foam gun (foam lance), connected to a high pressure cleaner.
After pre-washing, washing the car is easier
The wash is the second step in the cleaning process, after rinsing the pre-washshampoo. Professional detailers only do this with glove, using the two-bucket technique. This is the only way to avoid scratches and to finely clean the rims, windows, and the lower part of the vehicle.

The shampooNano Wash & Pearl by Nano Carapace© is easily dosed in soft water depending on the degree of soiling of the car. After rinsing with clean water, the last step is to dry the car with a specific microfiber cloth.