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Nanotechnology expert, Nano Carapace® offers you a range of innovative and unique products for cleaning andmaintaining your car. For long-term protection of your vehicle,opt for automotive ceramic treatment. Ask for an appointment
The benefits of Nano Carapace ceramic protection®

The nano-ceramic treatment forms an effective and durable protective film against external aggressions: temperature variations, humidity, stains, scratches, etc. Unlike a simple wax, the ceramic coating is chemically linked to the treated surface, which guarantees you a shine and long-lastingresistance.

A true shield against cold,snow and salt, the ceramic treatment protects your vehicle from the vagaries of winter.

Nano-ceramic protection is an effective thermal barrier that improves heat resistance to the body and components.

Nano Carapace® products create an anti-UV protective film to prevent discoloration of surfaces (paint, plastic, leather, etc.) exposed to the sun's rays.

The ceramic coating has a hydrophobic and waterproof effect. The water slides on the body.

With a hardness similar to that of tempered glass, the automotive ceramic treatment offers great resistance to scratches.

The ceramic protection provides an exceptional shine,even more intense than that of the original varnish. Guaranteed mirror effect!

Effective protection for all types of vehicles

Nano Carapace® offers ceramic treatments suitable for all motorized land vehicles: cars, motorcycles, trucks, motorhomes, quad bikes, etc. The application of these products protects all the elements of your vehicle: bodywork, but also seats, interior, rims and tires, windows and windshields.

Ceramic car processing

The application of a ceramic coating is ideal for the maintenance or renovation of your car according to the principle of auto detailing.

Ceramic truck processing

Driver or manager of a transport company? Extend the life of your trucks and semi-trailers with ceramic protection.

Motorcycle ceramic treatment

The ceramic treatment also applies to two-wheelers. Give your bike effective protection in all weathers and for a long time.

Camping car
Ceramic treatment camping car

Take the holiday road with peace of mind by opting for the Nano Carapace ceramic treatment® of your campervan or caravan.

quad bike
Quad ceramic treatment

A motorsport enthusiast, protect your quad from scratches and make it easier to clean with a ceramic protective film.

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Cleaning products and ceramic protection

Exclusive Nano Carapace® ranges

Nano Carapace® offers a complete range for all stages of self-detailing: washing, decontamination, polishing and ceramic protection certified 9H. Our professional quality products guarantee an impeccable result at an affordable price and with respect for the environment.


Non-corrosive, Nano Wash and Pearl Washing and Pre-Washing Ceramic Shampoo gently cleans your vehicle’s body to prevent the appearance of micro-scratches.


Applying a polishing or polishing product restores shine and removes scratches. This is an essential preparation step before a ceramic treatment is installed.

Ceramic protection

The automotive ceramic treatment provides the complete protection of your vehicle: bodywork, leather or fabric upholstery, windows and windshields, rims, tires and rubber.


The ferrous decontaminant cleaning spray removes particles embedded in the rims. Guaranteed up to 30,000 km, the ceramic rim protection extends the shine and prevents dirt from adhering.


Adapted to different materials (leather, fabric, plastic, glass), cleaning products for the interior of vehicles facilitate the maintenance of the interior, carpet, seats and glass surfaces.


Decontaminating products complement the action of washing products for body preparation. Effective against tar, fat and mosquitoes, they eliminate 95% of contaminants.

Cleaning products and ceramic protection
Exclusive Nano Carapace® products
Our products


Is your car a few years old and its paint is damaged? Instead of turning to buying a new vehicle, why not opt for a car renovation? Cleaning, polish and automotive ceramic processing: follow our tips and tricks

  • How do you wash your car?

    Follow the different stages of car wash: clean the exterior of the vehicle, then the inside of the passenger compartment and finally the seats. Use specific products for a better result.
  • What do you need to know before embarking on a ceramic treatment?

    The application of an automotive ceramic treatment requires a pre-preparation of the body: washing, decontamination and polishing to correct surface defects. Regular maintenance is then essential.
  • How do you renovate the body of your vehicle?

    Clean up before applying a car polish. This polishing product removes the layers of altered varnish to remove scratches and give the paint a boost.