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Offer our unique and reliable nanotechnology to your customers.

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Why join the Nano Carapace network?

  • Unique protective coating
  • Permanent research and development
  • Unmatched product stability
  • A tailor-made accompaniment
  • An effective communication plan
  • Personalized advice
  • Quality detailing training

Your benefits

Become the leader in detailing in your area with Nano Carapace

  • Development of your business
  • Satisfaction of your customers
  • Increase your visibility
  • Nano Carapace network support
  • Exclusive to your country, region or city
  • Up to 10 years warranty for your customers
Develop your business
Step into the future
Nano Technology
Permanent R&D
Tested & Approved
Certified products

The brand

Nano Carapace offers high quality products in the world of car detailing.

Our goal
is to offer an irreproachable quality to professionals thanks to a mastery of the manufacturing process. Our ceramic and more recently graphene based protections are exceptional and unique on the market.

The stability over time of our nanotechnology is the key to success to guarantee your customers a quality service.

Experience & Expertise to serve you
made in Germany
5 years
of guarantee after the application
kilometers of sustainability
The Nano Carapace detailing product range covers the entire spectrum of detailing needs. From preparation, through the correction of paint defects, to the complete protection of the vehicle, our coatings bring you the best of nanotechnology in the field of vehicle cleaning and protection.

Become a Nano Carapace partner

Choosing Nano Carapace is to ensure a long-term partnership with your detailing center. We do everything possible to ensure that you can offer your customers the quality they deserve. This is why we have developed training courses to learn the preparation techniques and train you free of charge in our nanotechnology

The training program

Nano Carapace offers training according to your level of knowledge. The basics of the trade or a simple improvement is possible. At the end of this training, you will be able to guarantee to your customers an irreproachable quality in adequacy with the standards of quality of our mark.

Support throughout the partnership

As a Nano Carapace car, motorcycle or boat detailing center, you are a representative of the brand. We provide you with the equipment and products that will allow your center to respect the visual and operational codes of Nano Carapace. Your company benefits from visuals and strong communication support on the reflecting the quality of the services offered and your services of renovations / ceramic car protection.


Reach more people thanks to the power of our network and benefit from efficient and professional communication tools to develop your business

  • Your center and your detailing work on our social networks
  • Creation of flyers and brochures with Nano Carapace colors
  • Provision of Roll Up and Certified Nano Detailer Nano Carapace panels
  • Exclusive sales in your country, region, city when you are an official distributor/preparer

Ready to join us in the Nano Carapace network?

We do our best to answer you within 48 hours.

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Any question?

  • What are the steps to become a certified Nano Carapace provider?

    In order to display our colors and sell your services under the name Nano Carapace, we will follow the procedure below:

    • An interview to provide you with the first information and to introduce us
    • Pre-opening training to familiarize you with our products and detailing techniques
    • The implementation of your communication plan
  • Can I set my own prices?

    A pricing charter to be respected in our Nano Carapace centers. You offer your customers an excellent quality/price ratio while increasing your turnover. By selling our products, you build brand loyalty and make your customers benefit from effective products that are stable over time and that will seduce them.
  • How can I be sure that there will be no other Nano Carapace centers near my establishment?

    No competition in your region, department, city. That's the Nano Carapace partner commitment!
  • Can I sell Nano Carapace products to my customers?

    Of course and we even encourage you to do so! The professional discounts granted on our range of products allow you to resell to your customers and to develop their loyalty with offers on cleaners, ceramic maintenance products but also to maintain the interior of their vehicles. Our products offer a professional quality at home for your customers.