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Nano ceramic body protection
Nano ceramic protection coats the vehicle and treated surfaces with a protective film, much harder than the original varnish. The benefits of the product are immediate (less washing, more shine, more protection). Applying this body treatment is the final step in a cosmetic renovation. This follows pre-wash, wash, decontamination, polishing. Ceramic protection is currently the only finish that provides this level of aesthetic quality and strength.
What is nano ceramic protection?
Nano ceramic protection is not a wax that is applied to the surface of a refinished varnish by polishing. True nano ceramic protection clings chemically to varnish, paint, any material. Unbreakable bonds are created, the product attaches itself in a durable manner to the hood, shock absorber, windows, rocker panels, rim, leather, fabric. Nano Carapace© offers on its online store a wide range of its nano ceramic protection products, for example:

9 H ceramic protection for bodywork: provides a maximum water-repellent effect and long protection.
Ceramic windshield protection: increases visibility by 60% in bad weather.
Ceramic leather protection: barrier against UV, stains, fading, it is anti-cracking.
Ceramic protection for plastic: it is anti-dust and produces a luxurious shiny effect.

What are the effects of nano ceramic protection?

The hydrophobic, anti stick effect. Water literally slides off the bodywork. After a rain shower, with the force of the wind and the speed, the car dries and the body is without trace.
The mirror effect: the paintwork regains the glow of its colors. The nano ceramic protection restores a glossmore intense than that of the varnish original.
The protective effect: the hardness of the ceramic creates a shield whose hardness is equivalent to that of tempered glass. But beware, the Nano Carapace© protection will not protect against shocks.

Maintenance is faster and more economical, washing is spaced, a simple wash can restore gloss to the body.