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quad bike


Do you own an all-terrain motor vehicle? Extend the life of your car with the quad ceramic treatment of Nano Carapace® , an expert in automotive detailing. Ask for an appointment

Full protection for your quad bike

Formed from silica nanoparticles, the Nano Carapace® quad ceramic treatment creates a shiny and durable coating on all surfaces of your machine: fairing/bodywork, rims, seats, etc. This long-lasting protection makes it easy to maintain your quad bike or two-wheeler (motorbike and scooter).

Quad ceramic protection

The quad ceramic treatment transforms your fairing into an ultra-bright surface. This protective screen insulates the varnish and paint from external aggressions.

Leather ceramic treatment

With its hydrophobic effect,ceramic protection preserves your seats from rainwater, regardless of the type of material (leather, plastic, textile).

Rims and tires
Ceramic processing rims

Applying on the rims, the ceramic coating brings shine and strength. The product has a non-stick effect against tar and mud.

Plastic ceramic treatment

The ceramic coating for quads enhances the shine and facilitates the maintenance of plastic parts. Its use prevents dust and dirt from adhering.

Ceramic helmet treatment

The quad ceramic treatment provides a waterproofing effect on any type of glass surface (windshield, helmet) for better visibility in case of rain.

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Cleaning products and ceramic motorcycle processing

The Nano Carapace® quad range

Nano Carapace® offers a selection of products and accessories for the maintenance of your quad,but also car, motorcycle, scooter, etc. Available through the online store, this complete range offers excellent value for money. Payment and delivery are secure.

Quad cleaner

Nano Wash – Pearl ceramic shampoo washes the exterior surfaces (fairing, wheels, rims) of your quad or motocross. This non-corrosive cleaning product preserves varnish and paint.

Quad plastic renovation

The special plastic cleaning product Clean Cokpit Spray prepares the body before the application of the quad ceramic treatment. It removes dirt and revives for the shine of plastics.

Quad ceramic protection

The quad ceramic treatment provides long-lasting protection for your vehicle: plastic fairing, wheels, rims, glass surfaces, etc. Its waterproofing effect prevents rain and dirt from adhering.

Cleaning products and quad ceramic protection
Nano Carapace® range for the maintenance of your quad
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Are you looking for information on the use of products and accessories for the maintenance of your quad bike? Find the advices of the experts in car detailing.

  • How do you wash your quad bike?

    Avoid auto-washing rollers that can damage the varnish and paint of the vehicle. Use a specific cleaning product to wash exterior surfaces (fairing, wheels, rims).
  • How to choose your ceramic treatment for quad?

    The quad ceramic treatment contains silica nanoparticles, which provide a quality and duration of action superior to conventional wax or silicone-based protection.
  • How to renovate the plastics of his quad bike?

    Wash plastic parts with a cleanser and degreaser to remove motor oil. The renovating effect can be extended by applying a quad ceramic treatment.