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Ceramics treatment 9H PRO
Ceramics treatment 9H PRO
Ceramics treatment 9H PRO
Ceramics treatment 9H PRO
  • Ceramics treatment 9H PRO
  • Ceramics treatment 9H PRO
  • Ceramics treatment 9H PRO

Ceramics treatment 9H PRO



  • Nanotechnology
  • Anti-scratches (9H Pencil Test)
  • Anti-dirtying
  • hydrophobic
  • Mirror effect shine

The 9H PRO protection is reserved for Nano Carapace certified detailers.

An exceptionally scratch-resistant and stable high-tech Nano-ceramic. Makes the surface extremely shiny and hydrophobic: dirt no longer adheres. Less frequent, easier washes and a vehicle that regains all its shine every time.


The benefits

  • Limit the appearance of micro-scratches by more than 70%
  • Bringing deep brilliance
  • Protect from the cold up to -90oC
  • Protect from hot/UV up to 680oC
  • Resist ph2 to ph13 chemicals
  • Protect from salt (winter or sea salt)
  • Make the surface extremely hydrophobic
  • Easier washing: Save 2x more time
  • Antifouling
  • Anti-brake dust
  • Protection from bird droppings
  • Protects your car and respects the environment

Paint the vehicle stays cleaner longer. The latest technological innovation in body protection. The product makes obsolete natural waxes, resinous and synthetic products but also Teflon and polymers.

Ideal for new and used vehicles to protect them from long-term external aggression.

A stable nano-technological coating to protect the body for the long term

In order to increase the shine of older vehicles, we also sell polishing products to remove micro-scratches.

Before / After

How to use : Ceramics treatment 9H PRO


  • MOULD the vehicle
  • DETRAIN the entire exterior of the vehicle with STRONG CLEANER, RINCER
  • LAVER the vehicle with a suitable shampoo
  • DECONAMINER the vehicle
  • CORRIGER the big defect with the heavy cut polish,the lighter defect with the one STEP polish
  • LUSTRER body with fine CUT finishing polish
  • PAS THE IPA CONTROL in order to prepare the surface to receive the treatment and check your correction
  • VERSER a few drops of protection on the suede provided with the applicator
  • APPLY vertically/horizontally on a first element of the vehicle
  • LET THE protection (the duration varies depending on the ambient temperature: between 10 and 60 sec)
  • WIPER using a clean microfiber
  • PROCEED in the same way element by element
  • REAPPRING the application in the same way for the next 2 layers


  • NO washing before 15 days or only by hand and water
  • Prohibit roller washing


  • Manual washing

For simple and efficient cleaning, use a high-pressure spray and our Nano Wash and Pearl ceramic shampoo. Non-aggressive, it will clean your vehicle efficiently while respecting the bodywork.

  • I maintain my protection

To enhance the waterproofing effect and boost your protection, you can apply our Spray and Protect on all exterior surfaces of your vehicle after 6 months / 1 year

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Ceramics treatment 9H PRO

Ceramics treatment 9H PRO