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Nano Carapace® puts nanotechnology at the service of car cleaning and maintenance. Protect your vehicle from external assaults with ceramic car processing associated with a range of professional products. Ask for an appointment

Effective multi-application protection

The ceramic car treatment creates an invisible protective shield on all surfaces of your vehicle: bodywork, rims and tires, leather or fabric seats, dashboard, windshield and windows. With Nano Carapace®, enjoy the best of nanotechnology at an affordable price.

Ceramic body processing

Applying ceramic treatment to the body improves the strength and shine of the original varnish. The nanoparticles form a barrier to protect against scratches.

Leather ceramic treatment and fabrics

Ceramic protection forms a hydrophobic coating that preserves your leather upholstery or fabric seats from stains and UV.

Rims and tires
Ceramic processing rims

The ceramic rim protection extends shine and reduces wear. It prevents metal or tar particles from adhering and brake dust.

Plastic ceramic treatment

Anti-static and hydrophobic, ceramic protection protects the interior plastic surfaces in your car's interior and provides long-lasting shine.

Ceramic windshield treatment

On glass surfaces (windshields, windows, helmets), ceramic treatment improves visibility in rainy weather thanks to its waterproofing and anti-fog effect.

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Cleaning products and ceramic car processing

The exclusive Nano Carapace car range®

Nano Carapace® puts auto detailing at everyone’s fingertips with a full range of products for cleaning, polishing and ceramic processing of your car. German manufacturing is a guarantee of quality. Online shopping and delivery are secure.

Car cleaner

Nano Wash and Pearl ceramic shampoo provides a gentle and effective pre-wash and self wash. Its application to the glove or foam cannon avoids micro-scratches.

Polish car

Applied with a polisher, the polishing products remove damaged varnish layers to correct surface defects and revive the shine of the paint.

Ceramic car protection

The application of ceramic protection is the last step in self-detailing. Nano Carapace® offers treatments suitable for all types of surfaces: bodywork, glass, leather, plastics, etc.

Cleaning products and ceramic car protection
Exclusive Nano Carapace® products
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A car that keeps its new appearance and its original shine up to 5 years, it is possible thanks to the ceramic treatment of Nano Carapace®. Follow the tips and tricks of professionals for the long-term maintenance and protection of your vehicle.

  • How do you wash your car?

    Use specialized products for car washing and rinse with clear water. After cleaning the body, continue through the interior of the vehicle.
  • How to choose your ceramic treatment?

    The real ceramic car treatment consists of silicon dioxide nanoparticles (SiO2). It has a harderness greater than wax or silicone for a long-lasting effect.
  • How do you renovate your car's body?

    After washing and decontaminating the body, use a car polish to clear the scratches. Finish with a ceramic protection that will prolong the shine of the paint.