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Owner of a two-wheeler, the motorcycle ceramic treatment is for you. Take care of your vehicle with the range of products selected by Nano Carapace®, an expert in nanotechnology. Ask for an appointment

Full protection for your bike

Consisting of silica nanoparticles, the motorcycle ceramic treatment forms an ultra-strong hydrophobic coating on all surfaces of your vehicle: fairing, wheels and rims, saddle, headlights and windshield. It guarantees optimal protection, long-lasting shine and easy maintenance.

Ceramic fairing processing

Applying on the fairing, the ceramic protection preserves the paint and varnish of the stripes. It brings extreme shine and superior resistance to wax.

Leather ceramic treatment

The ceramic coating forms a hydrophobic layer that protects your leather or faux leather saddle from water, stains and UV oxidation.

Rims and tires
Ceramic processing rims

Guaranteed up to 35,000 km, ceramic protection for rims and tires has a non-stick effect against particles (tar, metal) and dust.

Plastic ceramic treatment

The ceramic protection of your motorcycle's plastic surfaces limits the adhesion of dust and dirt, for easy maintenance and increased shine.

Ceramic helmet treatment

Thanks to thewaterproofing effect of the ceramic treatment, the drops of water slide on the visor of your helmet without leaving a trace for better visibility.

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Cleaning products and ceramic motorcycle processing

The Nano Carapace motorcycle range®

Nano Carapace® offers a selection of detailing products for cleaning, polishing and ceramic processing of your bike. Available for delivery, this complete professional range offers the guarantee of an ultra-quality result at a very affordable price.

Motorcycle Cleaner

Nano Wash and Pearl’s ceramic wash and pre-washing shampoo ensures efficient cleaning of your bike, while avoiding the formation of micro-scratches on the coating.

Polish motorcycle

Thanks to its abrasive effect, the polish erases the scratches by polishing the damaged varnish. The paint on your bike regains its original brilliance.

Motorcycle ceramic protection

The final step in detailing, the application of the motorcycle ceramic treatment is the guarantee of long-lasting protection of your two-wheeler: fairing, rims, saddle, glass surfaces, etc.

Cleaning products and ceramic motorcycle protection
Exclusive Nano Carapace® products
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Casual biker or lover of beautiful cylinders, you want to extend the life of your bike? Follow our tips and tricks for the maintenance of yourbike.

  • How do you wash your bike?

    For effective cleaning of your two wheels, opt for suitable pre-washing and washing products that perform better than water and soap.
  • How to choose his ceramic motorcycle treatment?

    For long-lasting resistance, check that it is a ceramic treatment based on ceramic nanoparticles. Our nanotechnology is 10x more effective than wax or varnish.
  • How do you renovate and protect your bike?

    Get a complete kit consisting of a cleaning product, a polish to erase scratches and ceramic protection to improve the strength of the fairing.