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Offer our unique and reliable nanotechnology to your customers.

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Manufacturing products for your brand!

  • 25 years of experience in Nanotechnology
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • +50 private brands in our portfolio
  • +20 countries use our nanotechnology


Your advantages in placing your trust in us

  • Free research and development
  • Confidentiality / Trade secrets
  • Manufacturing / Control / Support
  • Automotive / Aviation / Boating / Industry
  • Your 100% customized brand
Develop your business
Innovation / Only one real nanotechnology
Nanotechnology / The future of coatings
Permanent R&D
Laboratory test / New products develop
REACH certified products

The brand

When you choose Nano Carapace, you can be sure of a professional relationship with a solid partner.

We do our utmost to ensure that you can offer your customers the quality they deserve and expect. That’s why we’ve developed effective products based on our nanotechnology.

Our aim?

To offer our professional partners impeccable and consistent quality, thanks to our mastery of the manufacturing process.

Our nano-coatings have exceptional qualities. We have a full range of cleaning products, quality polishes and the latest generation of ceramic and graphene protections.

The long-term stability of our nanotechnology is the key to success, guaranteeing your customers an exceptional product.

Premium quality
Made in Germany
25 years of experience
European regulations
Our know-how at your service / our high quality standards for your customers. Make the most of it!

Ready to become a partner?

Interested in our products, our brand or manufacturing products for your own brand? Contact us now and let's discuss it by e-mail or telephone.

  • Experience and Expertise at your service
  • Cleaning products, Polishes, Ceramic and graphene protection, Accessories
  • Free training in our coatings
  • Communication / Marketing / Customized packaging for your brand

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