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Car polish
The car polish products allow you to remove from the car body annoying defects (scratches, micro scratches, stains). Each polish is different: depending on the brand, the names are not the same. Several degrees of abrasiveness exist and are used to remake shine a dull varnish.

Polish eliminates visible marks on the painting by removing a very thin layer of the vernis. This reveals the layer underneath and its new shine. Find out what products Nano Carapace© offers.
How to use a car polish
A polish is done by hand or by machine (orbital or circular polishers) with different kinds of polish products. The first passes consist of using abrasive polishes, to remove the film of varnish damaged. Finishing passes are done with non abrasive products, they restore the bodywork to its full gloss. Nano Carapace© offers:

The High Cut abrasive polish: a unique product on the market. It has fast sanding performance while producing a beautiful shine.
The Middle Cut abrasive polish: innovative product (divisible grains). It can be used as the only abrasive polish.
The Magic Effect polish: erases the traces of abrasive polishing, micro-scratches and holograms.
The Mirror Effect polish: used as a gloss polish to boost shine, the buffing step before protection.

What you need to know about polish products.
The car body is covered with 3 layers: primer, paint, and varnish. The varnish is the thickest layer (between 50 and 150 microns). An abrasive polish removes a thin layer of varnish, 3 to 5 microns. This is not dangerous for the paint. But polishing a car requires caution. Work in circular motions, gently, on a cold body, and remove the polish with a microfiber.

The polish will permanently remove a superficial scratch or micro scratch. A deep scratch (the primer is visible) requires a paint touch-up. The application of a polish restores the shine, erases the scratches, but does not protect the bodywork. This is the step before applying a ceramic protective treatment.