The peculiarities of 9H ceramic processing

In theworld of detailing,ceramic processing is becoming a must. The application of this nanotechnology revolution on the body increases the brilliance and depth of the paint. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this product also provides unrivalled protection against external aggression. Do you want to know the peculiarities of a 9H ceramic treatment,and learn what differentiates it from a traditional ceramic protection? Let's take stock.

What is a ceramic treatment?

The 9H ceramic treatment is to differentiate body care products such as wax. If the functions are very similar, the results after application are very different, inside and out. Sold in kit or retail, the price of this high-end product is certainly higher, but the quality and effect obtained are unmatched.

A technological feat at the service of automotive aesthetics

Ceramic coatingis often used to add more shine to the exterior of a car or motorcycle. Its aesthetic properties are undeniable. Applied directly to the layers of varnish, the nano ceramic sublimates each type of vehicle, and maintains the original color of the paintings, for a new effect over a considerable period of time. Thanks to the hydrophobic ownership of the product, the body and rims of a car benefit from certain advantages:
  • waterproof water and rain provide easy maintenance;
  • dirt does not adhere.
  • The anti-static effect protects the varnish from aggressions such as graffiti, glue, paint inscription or resin;
  • simplified cleaning, as the water-covered surface accumulates less dirt.

Unrivalled car protection

If the quality of the aesthetic rendering of the paintings is a definite advantage of ceramic coating, its strong point is essentially its resistance. Applied with a microfiber, after properly following the steps of washing, decontamination and polishing, the ceramic treatment protects the body:
  • micro-scratches from friction
  • traces left by water, rain, pollution, or any external aggression;
  • Chemicals
  • UV rays
  • extreme heat, hot as well as cold.
Unlike wax, ceramics do not recede with a simple water or microfiber wash, and there is no risk of altering the varnish layers with excessive polishing. The duration of efficiency is second to none.

What exactly does "9H" mean?

If you go to an Internet page to get notices and messages about the protection of the car body,many will refer to the 9H ceramic treatment without even really knowing what the "9H" means. Products bearing this label have been tested and certified in the laboratory, and represent the best nanotechnology protection to date. This means that the ceramic coating has a strength that adds 9 degrees of hardness to the initial protective layer. To determine the hardness of a nano ceramic coating,professionals use the "pencil test". This involves drawing a line with a more or less hard pencil on a test surface. If no scratches are visible, the test starts again with a harder pencil. The 9H ceramic treatment allows for a completely smooth surface, despite the use of the pencil with the greatest hardness. By choosing a 9H ceramic treatment, you are guaranteed long-lasting protection of your vehicle's body and rims, and resistance to aggression of any kind.
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