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Owner of a yacht or yachting professional? Combined with a range of innovative cleaning products, the Nano Carapace® yacht ceramic treatment offers luxury boats shine and protection. Ask for an appointment

The best of nanotechnology for your yacht

Composed of silica nanoparticles, the yacht ceramic treatment forms a protective coating on any type of surface: hull, glass, wood, plastic, leather, textile, metal, etc. Water resistant, it provides a very long-lasting shine and its hydrophobic effect facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the boat.

Hull ceramic treatment

Applied to the hull of your yacht, the ceramic coating protects paint from scratches and corrosion caused by seawater.

Ceramic processing of glass

On the glass surfaces of boats (glass, porthole, windshield), ceramic protection offers better visibility thanks to its anti-fog effect.

Wood and Plastic
Wood and plastic ceramic treatment

The yacht ceramic treatment protects the wooden surfaces (bridge and teak woodwork) and the plastics of your boat from external aggression.

Leather and Fabric
Leather and fabric treatment

Hydrophobic and waterproof, the ceramic coating insulates your leather or fabric seats from the deleterious effect of water and UV.

Metal, Chrome and Stainless
Metal, chrome and stainless steel ceramic processing

Ceramic protection makes metal, chrome or stainless steel elements shine (basting, railing, ladder, etc.) and prevents corrosion by salt water.

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The Nano Carapace® yacht range

Products of excellence for exceptional boats

Nano Carapace®, a specialist in nanotechnology offers a complete range for cleaning and maintaining yachts. Our professional quality products benefit from secure delivery. Ceramic treatment is guaranteed for a period of 5 years from the date of application.

Inclus dans toutes les offres :
- Mise à disposition gratuite d’un véhicule de prêt

Condition tarifaire :
Le prix indiqué correspond au prix de départ d'un véhicule de petite taille (type Fiat 500), dont l'etat d'usure de la carrosserie est proportionnel à son kilométrage et son age. Le prix définitif pour la prestation se fera uniquement sur devis et présentation du véhicule afin de donner un prix juste par rapport à son état.


Do you own a yacht in a particular or professional setting? The maintenance and cleaning of your luxury boat is a must-see for yachting. To help you, follow the advice and advice of Nano Carapace® experts.

  • How do you wash your yacht?

    Use a grease remover for a deep wash of the shell, then a ceramic shampoo for cleaning respectful of fragile surfaces such as paint.
  • How to choose your ceramic treatment for yacht?

    Choose a product suitable for the type of surface to be protected: hull and hull, glass window, teak woodwork, leather or textile seat, metal basting, etc.
  • How are Nano Carapace® yacht products better?

    The yacht ceramic treatment consists of silica nanoparticles chemically linked to the treated surface, which gives it a lifespan far superior to conventional waxes.