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Does your house have a veranda? Make it easy to maintain your glass windows with the ceramic veranda treatment,to take full advantage of this room and the view of your garden. ASK FOR AN APPOINTMENT
The benefits of Nano Carapace® ceramic protection

Consisting of silica nanoparticles, the ceramic treatment forms a protective film on glass surfaces. This innovative coating enhances thermal insulation and provides a self-cleaning effect that makes maintaining the windows of your veranda, garden greenhouse or pool shed much simpler.


Like tempered glass, nano-ceramic protection is scratch-resistant and offers a lifespan of several years.

Anti smudge

Thanks to its non-stick properties, the ceramic veranda treatment reduces the traces of fingers or rainwater.


The ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic film that repels water and prevents mist from forming inside.


Totally invisible, the ceramic treatment makes the surface of the glass incredibly shiny. Your windows have never been so clean.


Thanks to the hydrophobic effect, the water permelates on the windows by causing dirt. The result is a quick, traceless drying process.

Nano Carapace® veranda products range

A wide range of cleaning products for verandas, garden greenhouses and glass pool sheds

Discover a complete collection of products and accessories for the maintenance of glass windows and surfaces of verandas, greenhouses or pool shelters. Based on nano-technologies, this professional range is entirely manufactured in Germany. You benefit from numerous guarantees and delivery all over France.

Window cleaner

The Perfect Glass glass surface cleaner effectively dissolves any type of dirt (limestone, dust, grease, insects, etc.) for a thorough wash of your veranda tiles.

Ceramic glass treatment

Glass Protect ceramic glass protection forms a self-cleaning hydrophobic film that makes it easy to maintain the windows of your veranda, glass garden greenhouse or pool shed.

Anti-fog treatment

The use of nano-anti-fog protection prevents water vapour from condensing inside the windows. It is also a cleaning product.


Does your home have a veranda, a pool shed or a glass garden greenhouse? This type of surface gets dirty easily: fingerprints and limestone water, dust, etc. Find all you need to know to maintain this piece on our tips and tricks FAQ.

  • How do you wash your porch without a trace?

    Spray a special window cleaner,rub and wipe with a soft cloth in circular motions. For flawless tiles for longer, apply a nano-ceramic coating.
  • How to choose your veranda ceramic treatment?

    The type of ceramic coating depends on the materials to be treated. For your veranda, garden greenhouse or pool shed, opt for ceramic glass protection specially adapted to glass surfaces.
  • How are Nano Carapace® veranda products better?

    The nanoparticles of the ceramic veranda processing fuse with the material, providing greater resistance to an adhesive film simply glued to the surface of the windows.