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Surfing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing


Water sports enthusiast? Practical and effective, the Nano Carapace® board ceramic treatment makes it easy to maintain your surfboard, windsurf or kitesurf. Ask for an appointment

The best protections for your board

Similar to liquid glass, the ceramic windsurfer treatment makes the surface of the board smooth and hydrophobic. Reducing friction increases penetration into the water and the speed of sliding. Silica nanoparticles form a protective layer against moisture, salt and UV.

Ceramic board treatment

A true shield against external aggression, the ceramic coating prevents the formation of micro-scratches on the windsurfboard and fins.

Ceramic glass treatment

Applied to a glass surface, the ceramic protection has an anti-fog action that improves visibility by 60% for increased safety.

Plastic ceramic treatment

The ceramic treatment preserves the entire board: wooden core, polyester resin reinforcements or fiberglass, topsheets and plastic protective rails.

Ceramic fabric treatment

Ideal for fabric surfaces, such as neoprene footstraps, the ceramic coating has a waterproofing effect: water slides and dries quickly.

Metal, Chrome and Stainless
Metal, chrome and stainless steel ceramic processing

Ceramic protection fights against corrosion by seawater of chromium or stainless steel metal parts, such as fin screws.

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Nano Carapace® windsurfing range

Cleaning and ceramic protection of sliding boards

Nano Carapace®, an expert in nanoceramics offers cleaning products (cleaners, polish, protections) for surfboards / windsurfing / kitesurfing. Available for delivery, this range combines efficiency and respect for the environment. Enjoy the best of nano-ceramic technology at an affordable price.

Product cleaning plank

Compatible with ceramic protection, the Nano Wash and Pearl shampoo gently peels off dirt from your surfboard/windsurfing/kite surf, without damaging paint or decoration.

Ceramic windsurfing treatment

The ceramic windsurfing treatment improves the longevity of your sliding equipment and revives the paint color of your surfboard/windsurf/kitesurf.

Polish board

The polishing products remove the scratches on the board or windsurfer float and make the surface shiny thanks to the abrasive action of the polish.


The practice of a sport of sliding (surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing) involves a thorough maintenance of your board in order to preserve its qualities and enjoy it for as long as possible. Don't you know how to do it? Follow the advice and advice of our specialists.

  • How do you wash your windsurfing?

    After each session, rinse the board with water to remove the sand and avoid micro-scratches. Do a regular thorough wash with a specific cleanser.
  • How to choose your ceramic windsurfing treatment?

    There are different types of protection depending on the nature of the treated surface (painting, fiberglass, polyester resin...). Before applying, polish with a polish.
  • How are Nano Carapace windsurfing products® better?

    The ceramic windsurfing treatment is chemically linked to the surface, which gives it an exceptional longevity and shine. All for a price accessible to all!