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Store window


Are you a craftsman, trader or service provider and have a professional premises? Highlight your storefront with Nano Carapace® store window ceramic processing. ASK FOR AN APPOINTMENT
The benefits of Nano Carapace® ceramic protection

Consisting of silica nanoparticles, the ceramic treatment creates an ultra-shiny protective film that resists the surface of glass windows. Featuring anti-scratch, anti-salt and anti-fog properties, this innovative product prevents the discoloration of display cases by heat and solar radiation.


Certified 9H, the ceramic store window treatment offers the resistance of tempered glass and avoids the formation of scratches.

Anti smudge

Ceramic protection prevents dirt (dust, fingerprints, etc.) from adhering and makes it easier to maintain your window.


Hydrophobic and anti-fog, ceramic film improves the visibility of items on display inside your shop.


Hydrophobic and anti-fog, ceramic film improves the visibility of items on display inside your shop.


Thanks to the water-tightness effect of the nanoparticles, the water trickles down the glass and dries quickly without leaving a trace.

The Nano Carapace® store window products range

Professional products to enhance your storefront

Nano Carapace® offers a complete range for sale for the maintenance and protection of glass store windows. Available for delivery anywhere in Europe via a secure online purchase,this selection of products and accessories made in Germany offers excellent value for money.

Inclus dans toutes les offres :
- Mise à disposition gratuite d’un véhicule de prêt

Condition tarifaire :
Le prix indiqué correspond au prix de départ d'un véhicule de petite taille (type Fiat 500), dont l'etat d'usure de la carrosserie est proportionnel à son kilométrage et son age. Le prix définitif pour la prestation se fera uniquement sur devis et présentation du véhicule afin de donner un prix juste par rapport à son état.


A well-maintained storefront reinforces your professional image, enhances your items and encourages the consumer to buy. For an impeccable showcase, follow the advice of our experts.

  • How do you wash your store window without a trace?

    Clean the glazing with a special glass product or ceramic shampoo, rinse with water and then wipe the surface with a microfiber or raclette.
  • How do you choose your ceramic treatment for a store window?

    The store showcase ceramic treatment benefits from excellent value for money. Sold in kit with an applicator and a microfiber, this product offers a great simplicity of use.
  • How are Nano Carapace® store storefront products better?

    Unlike adhesive glass films, the store window ceramic processing fuses with the material to form an invisible and effective protective layer for up to 3 years.