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Owner of a sailboat? With an unrivalled action span, the Nano Carapace® ceramic sailboat treatment provides shine and protection to your ship while facilitating its maintenance. Ask for an appointment

High-end protection for your sailboat

From nanotechnology, ceramic sailboat processing is the best solution on the market for the protection of gelcoat or paint. Compatible with any type of surface (glass, wood, plastic, leather, textile, metal), the nanoparticles fuse with the material to form an ultra-strong coating that brings radiance and long-lasting shine.

Hull ceramic treatment

Applying to the hull of the boat,ceramic protection avoids scratches and corrosion. Its antifouling effect prevents the foam from adhering.

Ceramic processing of glass

Highly hydrophobic, the ceramic sailboat treatment has an anti-fog action ideal for glass surfaces: windows, windows, screens of navigational instruments, etc.

Wood and Plastic
Wood and plastic ceramic treatment

The ceramic coating preserves the depth of the color of wooden or plastic surfaces by limiting the attack of water and the sun.

Leather and Fabric
Leather and fabric treatment

Thanks to its waterproofing effect, the ceramic treatment protects leather or textile seats and benches from water and stains.

Metal, Chrome and Stainless
Metal, chrome and stainless steel ceramic processing

The ceramic coating brings shine and shine to the stainless steel or chrome metal parts (basting, ladder) and protects them from water corrosion.

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Nanotechnology for the maintenance of your boat

Nano Carapace®, an expert in high-tech cleaning products, offers a selection of innovative products for cleaning, polishing and ceramic treatment of sailboat-type boats. This complete professional range is available for delivery anywhere in Europe.

Sailboat hull

Cleaning products remove algae and moss from the boat’s hull. Non-corrosive, they do not form micro-scratches on paint or gelcoat.

Sailboat ceramic treatment

Ceramic treatment provides effective protection against scratches, water, and UV rays. It is guaranteed for a period of 5 years after application.

Polish sailboat hull

Applying a polishing product to the surface of a damaged paint or gelcoat restores its original shine thanks to its abrasive action.


Passionate about boating, you are looking for tips and tricks for the maintenance of your sailboat?

  • How do you wash your sailboat?

    Take off the layers of moss and seaweed with high-pressure water, then wash the hull of the boat with a suitable cleaning product.
  • How to choose your ceramic treatment for sailboat?

    For an optimal and durable result, choose a specific ceramic protection depending on the type of surface treated: hull, bridge, glass surfaces, leather or textile upholstery, etc.
  • How are Nano Carapace® products better?

    Unlike traditional finishing wax, the ceramic sailboat treatment is chemically linked to the surface which improves its strength and greatly increases its duration of action.