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Presentation showcase


Do you work in commerce or catering? The Nano Carapace® presentation showcase ceramic treatment provides protection and ease of maintenance to the glass surfaces of your exhibition furniture. ASK FOR AN APPOINTMENT
The benefits of Nano Carapace® ceramic protection

Composed of silica nanoparticles, the ceramic treatment results in the creation of a protective film on the glass surfaces of your display cases. Practical and aesthetic, it avoids the formation of scratches and simplifies cleaning. The objects or foodstuffs on display are perfectly highlighted.

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Certified 9H, ceramic protection prevents the formation of scratches on the glass surfaces of your presentation furniture.

Anti smudge

Equipped with non-stick properties, the ceramic presentation window treatment avoids fingerprints on the glass.


Ceramic protection repels water and limits the formation of mist on the glass walls of refrigerated furniture.


Brilliant and transparent, the ceramic presentation showcase treatment enhances the aesthetic appearance of your display glass furniture.


Thanks to its waterproofing effect, ceramic protection makes it easier to maintain and clean your glass surfaces.

Nano Carapace® showcase proucts range

Cleaning products and ceramic treatment for exhibition furniture

Nano Carapace® offers a wide range of products and accessories for the care of your glass furniture: catering buffets, refrigerated windows, exhibition furniture, etc. The result of years of work and technical improvements, this range of excellent value for money is manufactured in Germany.

Window cleaner

Perfect Glass Glass Surface Cleaner removes encrusted dirt (dust, grease, food residue, fingerprints, etc.) for effective cleaning of your display cases.

Ceramic glass treatment

Aesthetic and practical, Glass Protect ceramic glass protection prevents scratches and simplifies the maintenance of your display cases.

Anti-fog treatment

Anti-fog nano-protection prevents condensation from forming on cold glass surfaces of refrigerated furniture, improving visibility and making it easier for customers to choose.

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To clean and protect your display cases


Presentation display cases are used in the restaurant and commercial sector, for the protection of food or price items. Need a notice to maintain your glass surfaces?

  • How do you wash your presentation window without a trace?

    Use appropriate cleaning products,such as a window spray or a multi-surface cleaner. Spray on the window and then wipe with a soft cloth.
  • How to choose its ceramic presentation showcase treatment?

    There is a wide range of different ceramic treatments depending on the object. For glass display cases and furniture, ceramic glass protection is recommended.
  • How are Nano Carapace® showcase products better?

    The nanoparticles that make up the ceramic presentation showcase processing form a solid chemical bond with the support,which improves the strength and aesthetics compared to adhesive products.