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Outboard and speedboat


Do you own a outboard or speedboat? Discover the Nano Carapace® outboard ceramic treatment for sustainable protection of your racing boat. Ask for an appointment

Quality protection for your speedboat or star

The outboard ceramic treatment forms a protective film on any surface: hull paint, wooden doors, steel basting, etc. Thanks to its ultra-brilliant effect,this innovative product beautifully enhances the design of your motorboat, regardless of its model or size.

Hull ceramic treatment

The nano-ceramic coating protects the paint of the hull from micro-scratches and the corrosive effect of seawater.

Ceramic processing of glass

Hydrophobic, ceramic protection repels water drops and prevents mist from forming on glass surfaces (windows, windows, windshields).

Wood and Plastic
Wood and plastic ceramic treatment

The outboard ceramic treatment protects plastic and wooden accessories (bridge, doors, storage box, etc.) from water and UV.

Leather and Fabric
Leather and fabric treatment

With its waterproofing effect, nanoparticle film makes it easy to maintain your leather and fabric seats,inside and out.

Metal, Chrome and Stainless
Metal, chrome and stainless steel ceramic processing

The ceramic protection enhances the shine and corrosion resistance of the water in chrome or stainless steel metal accessories.

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Nano Carapace® outboard and Outboard

Quality and style at the best price

With 10 years of nanotechnology expertise, Nano Carapace® offers a complete category of products to maintain your speedboat. German-made, these items benefit from excellent value for money,as well as a secure purchasing and delivery system.

Offboard hull

Cleaning products gently wash the hull and interior space of your speedboat. They respect surfaces and do not create micro-scratches on the paint.

Off-board ceramic treatment

The outboard ceramic treatment offers durable and quality protection suitable for all types of materials: paint, plastic, wood, glass, steel, leather, textiles, etc.

Polish off-board

Applying a polishing product erases micro-scratches. The slightly abrasive effect restores the damaged paint to its original radiance and shine.


A speed enthusiast, do you own a speedboat, a speedboat or a motor racing boat? Here are some tips and tricks to keep your property in the right direction.

  • How do you wash your speedboat?

    Apply a grease remover to the hull to remove algae and fuel residue, then rinse with clear water. Use a multi-surface cleaner for the interior.
  • How do you choose your ceramic treatment for speedboats?

    The purchase of a type of ceramic protection depends on the material treated: resin or steel shell, wooden bridge, metal accessories, etc.
  • How are Nano Carapace off-board products® better?

    The use of outboard ceramic treatment instead of conventional finishing waxes ensures a much more durablestrength and glossy effect.