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Jet ski


Do you own a scooter from the seas? Nano Carapace® jet ski ceramic treatment makes it easy to maintain and clean your motorized water vehicle. Ask for an appointment

Quality protection for your jet ski

Consisting of silica nanoparticles, the jet ski ceramic treatment offers protection against external aggressions (sun, salt water, algae, etc.). Applying to the hull, saddle or windshield, it makes the surface extremely smooth and hydrophobic. The frictions are reduced for maximum speed and sensations.

Jet Ski hull ceramic treatment

The ceramic coating gives the body paint an incomparable shine coupled with resistance to scratches and corrosion.

Ceramic processing mirrors

Ceramic nanoparticles form a hydrophobic film that provides an anti-fog effect on glass surfaces (windows, windshields, mirrors).

Plastic ceramic treatment

Ceramic protection prevents water and UV ageing from the plastic parts of your sea scooter (bumper, handles, etc.).

Leather and Imitation
Leather and faux treatment

Thehydrophobic and waterproof effect of the ceramic jet ski treatment protects the saddle of your motored water vehicle and makes it easier to clean.

Metal, Chrome and Stainless
Metal, chrome and stainless steel ceramic processing

The ceramic coating protects the metal surfaces (handlebars, screws) of your watercraft from seawater and rust.

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Nano Carapace® jet ski products range

Exclusive products for your sea scooter

An expert in car and motorcycle detailing for more than 10 years, Nano Carapace® is selling a complete range for the maintenance and cleaning of motor vehicles. Our professional products and accessories benefit from secure delivery as well as a guarantee of quality.

Product cleaning jet ski

Ceramic shampoo effectively washes the body of your jet ski. This product is not corrosive and does not attack the paint or the gel-coat of the hull.

Ceramic jet ski treatment

The application of the ceramic jet ski treatment offers the guarantee of long-lasting protection of the various parts (hull, bumper, saddle, windows …) of your water vehicle.

Polish jet ski

Thanks to their abrasive effect, the polishing products eliminate worn gel-coat layers to restore the body’s paint to its original shine.


Owner of a motored water vehicle: jet ski, sea scooter, personal watercraft or water bike? The maintenance of your car is essential to preserve its performance. Would you like to hearfrom a professional? Follow the tips and tricks of our experts in automotive, boat and motorcycle detailing!

  • How do you wash your jet ski?

    Rinse your vehicle with clear water to remove salt that could damage the engine, then wash the body with a cleaning product.
  • How do you choose your ceramic treatment for jet skiing?

    For more efficiency, opt for a ceramic protection kit corresponding to the treated surface: shell, windows, bumper, saddle, metal parts, plastic accessories, etc.
  • How are Nano Carapace jet ski products® better?

    The jet ski ceramic treatment creates an ultra-strong coating of incomparable brilliance. Unlike a simple finishing wax, protection is guaranteed for several years.