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Glass facade


Owner or manager of an apartment or office building? The Nano Carapace® glass facade ceramic treatment protects glass exterior surfaces and facilitates their cleaning. ASK FOR AN APPOINTMENT
The benefits of Nano Carapace® ceramic protection

Composed of silica nanoparticles, the ceramic glass façade treatment forms a finishing coating that protects glass windows and panels. Thanks to its refractory properties, ceramics are a good thermal insulator that preserves the interior of the building from heat and solar radiation.


Certified 9H, the Nano Carapace ceramic protection® has excellent resistance to external aggressions: scratches, heat, cold, rainwater...

Anti smudge

Ceramic coating has self-cleaning properties that allow glass building facades to stay clean for longer.


Applied indoors, the ceramic glass façade treatment creates a hydrophobic coating that prevents the formation of mist on the windows.


The ceramic glass façade treatment gives the glass surfaces an exceptional shine and a quality finish.


The water-watering effect of ceramic nanoparticles ensures a quick drying and without traces of rainwater or cleaning.

The Nano Carapace® glass facade product range

Cleaning and ceramic protection of glass building or house facades

Nano Carapace® presents a complete range for the renovation of glass doors, windows and facades of buildings or offices. Made in Germany, these professional-quality products and accessories ensure a perfect finish for your buildings. The ceramic glass façade treatment enjoys 3 years warranty.

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You are considering renovating the glass façade of your home or building, but you don't know which products and accessories to choose? Take advantage of the tips and tricks of our experts to optimize the cleaning and protection of the glass surfaces of your home or office.

  • How do I wash a glass building façade without a trace?

    Choose touse suitable products: Nano Carapace multi-surface cleaner or nano-surface cleaner®. Spray on the glass panel, rub and then wipe with a microfiber cloth.
  • How to choose its ceramic treatment for glass façade?

    Opt for ceramic glass protection,specially designed for glass surfaces (glass windows, panels and glass facades, windshields...) and sold with the necessary accessories for its use.
  • How are Nano Carapace® glass front products better?

    Unlike a thermal or solar adhesive film for windows, the ceramic glass façade treatment is chemically linked to glass for a high quality finish and protection.