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You are looking for a professional self detailing in Belgium. Discover the Waterloo Certified Nano Carapace© Ceramic Processing Centre. Test the know-how of body beautification professionals. Treat yourself to their high-end automotive body protection services. No Belgian, no Alsatian regrets this type of aesthetic transformation of vehicle!

Enjoy the exclusive Nano Carapace ceramic treatment® in Waterloo!

The art of detailing requires skills and experience. This professional know-how, the Nano-Carapace© certified centres in Belgium, offer it to you at extremely competitive prices. Enjoy a premium cleaning service,and ceramic protection applied in the rules of the art. The paint in your car will shine brighter than when it was new.

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    Our ceramic protection packages in Wallonia

    Body renovation, cleaning, polishing, high-end maintenance choose your ceramic package. Drop off your vehicle at the Nano Carapace© Waterloo Ceramic Processing Centre. Validate your choice of one of thefour body protection formulas,then recover your vehicle in a new condition.





    Our other car maintenance services in Waterloo

    In addition to ceramic processing, your Nano Carapace© auto wash centre in Waterloo offersother services. Interior cleaning, polishing, correction of paint defects, discover our other services.

    Car wash in Waterloo

    All detailing professionals know this: washing is a crucial step before the application of ceramic treatments. Your Nano Carapace certified auto centre© follows a precise washing methodology. Professional washingis something other than auto wash!

    Correction and polishing in Waterloo

    If a professional wash of your vehicle is not enough to restore luster to the paint of your car, you will benefit from the correction and polishing services offered at your nano Carapace© Waterloo licensed centre.


    Find all the questions asked by our clients in the Expert Tips section.

    • What is a ceramic treatment?

      The ceramic treatment guarantees the body of your car an enhanced protection against aggression. The Nano Carapace© treatment is one of the only real ceramic treatments on the market. The ceramic nano particles it contains chemically binds to the body, creating a protective layer. Thus protected, the paint of your vehicle resists dirt, water and oily substances.
    • Why choose a Certified Nano Carapace Professional for your ceramic treatment?

      Do you want aggressive,low-quality products to apply a fake "ceramic" coating to your body? The real ceramic treatments are few and forth. A Nano Carapace-certified center© gives you the assurance ofa professional approach and the use of the best products based on SiO2.
    • Why are Nano Carapace ceramic processing products the best?

      Whether you live in Waterloo or Brussels, the body treatment and protection products used in your Nano Carapace centre© are the same. They are the result of 20 years of research and development in our German laboratory, which has led to various patents on nanoparticles. You benefit from the latest technological innovations in the field of auto detailing.