Becoming a Nano Carapace Certified Centre: Our Detailing Training

Want to offer the best of detailing to your customers?

Take it to the next level and join the Nano Carapace-certified network of centres.

The power of a network, the reliability of a partner

Present in several countries, Nano Carapace is the specialist in high-end detailing for automotive and boating. We support automotive and boating professionals on a daily basis to help them develop a range of quality services through our know-how and innovative and efficient products. From detailing training to communication, we are there at your side to help you grow your business.

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Efficient products that save undeniable time

Why join the Nano Carapace network?

  • High-performance products
  • Profitable benefits
  • Bespoke accompaniment
  • An effective communication plan
  • Personalised advice
  • Quality training

Nano Carapace Protection Technology guarantees exceptional customer satisfaction.

Your benefits

Become the leading detailing company in your region with Nano Carapace

  • Your business is growing
  • Your customers are satisfied
  • You’re gaining visibility
  • You benefit from the support of the Nano Carapace network
  • You have exclusive Nano Carapace services in your city
  • Your customers are guaranteed for up to 10 years

The brand

Founded by a business enthusiast, Nano Carapace quickly established itself as a high-end product in the world of detailing. Our goal? To offer impeccable quality to consumers through innovative processes and products. To do this, we decided to develop our own range of products so that each car treatment meets our quality requirements.

Our FREE technical training will allow you to offer your customers spectacular quality services!

The products

The Nano Carapace detailing product range covers all the needs of car and nautical care. Developed in our own laboratory and requiring several years of research and development, our products bring you the best of nanotechnology in the field of cleaning and vehicle protection.

Goal: 100% satisfaction

Rims and tires

Professional products for cleaning and protecting rims and tires.

Washing and pre-washing

The best ceramic care to effectively clean and protect the bodywork.


Auto care products and kits for all materials: plastic, leather, glazing...


Effective products to prepare the body before washing or treatment: insects, grease, tar...

Correction and polishing

The best car treatments to make the body shine: finishing polish, abrasive, polishing kit.

Ceramic protection

The best nanotechnology for your car: anti-fog, ceramic front protection control, engine block cleaner...

The kits

The essentials for cleaning and ceramic treatment of vehicles! Complete kits for a professional result.


Nano Carapaces accessories to represent the brand in your centre: polo shirts, caps, spray...

Support from our partners

Choosing Nano Carapace means ensuring a quick and efficient start to your detailing center. We make every effort to ensure that you can offer your customers the quality they deserve. But before that, you have to make yourself known. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive marketing plan to be visible to your future customers.


The training programme

As a detailer you benefit from a Nano Carapace training lasting 2 to 5 days depending on the range of services you deliver. At the end of this training, you will be able to guarantee your customers an impeccable quality in line with the standards of our brand.


As an aesthetic center car, motorcycle, boat Nano Carapace, you are a representative of the brand. We provide you with the equipment and products that will enable your centre to comply with Nano Carapace’s visual and operational codes. Your company benefits from a strong and high-end branding reflecting the quality of your services and your automotive ceramic protection services.


Reach more people thanks to the power of our network and benefit from high-performance and professional communication tools to grow your business:

  • Relay your posts and offers on our social networks
  • Creation of flyers and brochures in the colors of Nano Carapace
  • Roll Up and Certified Nano Carapace panels

Any question?

  • What are the steps to become a Nano Carapace licensed provider?

    To be able to display our colors and sell your services under the name Nano Carapace, we will follow the procedure below:

    • An interview to provide you with the first information
    • A tour of your centre
    • Pre-opening training to familiarize you with our products and detailing techniques
    • The equipment of your centre
    • Putting your communication plan in place
  • Can I set my rates?

    You are free to set your rates as long as they remain consistent with the prices charged at other Nano Carapace centres. Our pricing policy allows you to work at rates applied in the best European detailing centres. You offer your customers excellent value for money while growing your sales. By selling our products, you build brand loyalty and make them benefit from efficient products at home between two hand-cleaning or self-cleaning services.
  • How can I be sure that there will be no other Nano Carapace centres near my facility?

    We undertake not to allow the establishment of a carapace nano centre in your city or geographic area. We do everything we can to ensure that our partners do not compete directly.
  • Can I sell Nano Carapace products to my customers?

    Of course, and we even encourage you to do so! Our range of cleaning and car, motorcycle and boat cleaning products allow you to maintain the body of a vehicle after a ceramic treatment. Some of our products offer a professional quality against inconveniences such as fog on windows, insect impacts or standing water.

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